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M168 Hello Kitty cell phone

M168 Hello Kitty
This is one of the cutest phones we’ve seen in a while. It’s also surprisingly good value.

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Control iTunes from your iPhone (or PPC)

Control iTunes from your iPhone

Smashcasi’s excellent RemoteAmp has changed it’s name to Signal, and now works with the iPhone as well as Pocket PC. Signal allows you control your desktop installation of iTunes from your iPhone or PPC, just like using a remote control. It works with iTunes on the Mac, and also with iTunes, Winamp, or Windows Media Player on a PC. I’ve installed the demo version of Signal on my iPAQ and it works really well, I’ve been using it all day and it looks like all the bugs from the older version of RemoteAmp seem to have been fixed – I’m going to buy it!

» Demo version and more info here.

Disassembling the iPhone

Disassembling an iPhone

The folks over at have got a great step by step picture series of how to (very carefully) disassemble an iPhone. I’d be more interested in seeing them put it all back together.

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Streaming music and video to PocketPC


z2′s PocketLAN not only allows you to view and open all the shared files on your network, but you can also stream MP3s and video from your desktop PC directly to your mobile device – all using WiFi. I use the excellent RemoteAmp on my iPAQ to control my home PC/HiFi (running iTunes) – it does everything it should, but sometimes I want to stream my music collection or watch a video on my iPAQ. And this is exactly what PocketLAN does. As long as I’m within WiFi range, I can use my iPAQ to access movies, music and whatever other shared files I want – all stored on my desktop PC. Other features includes: IP Config, Ping, IP Renew, Port Scan, Trace Route, Route Edit Wake on LAN and more…

» Available from PocketGear

Space Invaders Trilogy for PPC

Space Invaders Trilogy
HanaHo Games have release a new (and official licensed) release of Taito Space Invaders for Pocket PC/Windows Mobile. Space Invaders Trilogy includes the original Space Invaders, Space Invaders Part II, and Return of the Invaders – all featuring the original background artwork used in the arcade cabinets.

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