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RetroLink NES USB controller – reproduction NES controller

RetroLink NES USB controller

I have an original NES and a few controllers for it, but I rarely bother setting it up… so I use an emulator running on my old EeePC connected to the TV. In the past, I’ve used a PS3 controller to play emulators, which is good enough for SNES/SEGA games – but for NES, it just isn’t the same without the NES controller and those two horizontal A/B buttons.
The RetroLink NES controller plugs into a USB port (on Mac or PC), and is plug and play. It works perfectly on my EeePC running XP, and also on my Windows 7 desktop machine – and more importantly, it feels like THE REAL THING. Other than feeling “new”, there really isn’t any difference between the RetroLink and an original NES controller in terms of how it feels. The dimensions are right, the feel of the buttons is right. Overall, I’m very impressed with the RetroLink NES controller, the price was good, it has a 6 foot cable, and I can’t think of anyway it could be improved. RetroLink have done it right.

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Dingoo a320 retro handheld – better than the GP2X?

a320 retro handheld

The superb new Dingoo a320 retro handheld plays NES, SNES, GBA, Sega Genesis, and Neo Geo roms – all for $99. The a320 features 4GB of built in storage, a mini SD slot for expansion, it plays movie files, audio files, and has a built in FM radio and voice recorder. It even supports video out, so you play it on your TV.

It’s available here.

Product Features

Product Specs

More information at ThinkGeek.

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Sinclair ZX Spectrum+, buy one while you can

ZX Spectrum
I’ve just bought a lovely old Sinclair ZX Spectrum+ (for a good price). I’ve always wanted one, and I figured that I should get one before the prices start getting out of control. It’s made in the UK, it’s kinda silly, yet mysterious. It’s the Tom Baker of vintage home computers.

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Retro Duo NES/SNES console

Retro Duo NES/SNES console

The Retro Duo NES/SNES Game System plays both 8 bit NES carts and 16 bit SNES carts. It has two top loading cartridge slots, one for NES the other for SNES, and includes controllers – it’s also compatible with original SNES controllers. Best thing is the price of $49.99!

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Duck Hunt light gun for Windows

Guncon2 Windows driver

If you’re a fan of retro gaming then you’ve probably missed using a real light gun on games such as Duck Hunt and Hogan’s Alley – unless you own an original NES and Zapper gun. I’ve just discovered a great little driver that allows you to use an inexpensive GunCon2/Gcon2 PlayStation2 light gun with Windows – you simply need to use your graphics card’s TV out to play your emulator games on a normal TV. I’ve been playing Duck Hunt all day (using the FCE Ultra Nintendo emulator), and it works perfectly – Duck Hunt is even better than I remember. 8-bit magic at its finest!

» WinGun driver

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