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Nintendo DSi sticker skins

Nintendo DSi sticker skins

I’m not normally a big fan of skins for handhelds or consoles, but the lastest DSi sticker skins actually look pretty nice.

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Nintendo DSi

Nintendo DSi

The Nintendo DSi is the long-awaited successor to Nintendo’s popular handheld video game console. Compared to the Nintendo DS Lite, the NDSi features a 17% larger screen, is 12% smaller overall, and weighs in at only 214 grams. The DSi also features a built in camera, SD memory card slot, web browser and music playback function.

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Konami – My First DDR plug’n'play TV game

Konami My First DDR

Konami have released a special “plug’n'play” edition of Dance Dance Revolution that simply plugs into your TV – no console required. My First Dance Dance Revolution features 19 songs, plus 1 unlockable bonus song, 3 different dance modes and some fun mini games.

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New GP2X F-200 announced

GP2X F-200

Gamepark Holdings have announced the release of the next GP2X – the F-200. The GP2X F-200 features a touch screen interface, 8-way digital pad, multi tasking (so you can listen to music while reading an ebook), and it’s white! Play-Asia has the GP2X F-200 on pre order, so if you want one – get your name down now. The first GP2X sold out pretty quickly, and I can imagine the F-200 will go fast too.

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New PSP – Slim and Lite

PSP Slim and Lite

Sony have announced a new “slim and lite” PSP, and it looks a million times nicer than the original PSP. The new PSP Slim and Lite is available in Ceramic White, Piano Black, Ice Silver, Felicia Blue, Lavender Purple, Rose Pink, Metallic Blue, and Silver.

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