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GP2X Wiz

GP2X Wiz

GP2X fans, prepare yourselves for some big news. Introducing a smaller, sexier, and far more powerful version of the GP2X… the GP2X Wiz! The GP2X Wiz is the long-awaited update to the popular (yet somewhat underground) Linux based handheld – now powered by a 533Mhz ARM9 processor with 3D acceleration, offering updated multi-media features, a rechargeable battery, a touch screen and a new sleek slim design. And best of all… it plays Flash games! Which means an almost unlimited supply of free games – just download them to your SD card and play. The ability to play Flash games is a big selling point, and is enough reason alone to upgrade from the old GP2X F100.

GP2X Wiz

GP2X Wiz

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New GP2X F-200 announced

GP2X F-200

Gamepark Holdings have announced the release of the next GP2X – the F-200. The GP2X F-200 features a touch screen interface, 8-way digital pad, multi tasking (so you can listen to music while reading an ebook), and it’s white! Play-Asia has the GP2X F-200 on pre order, so if you want one – get your name down now. The first GP2X sold out pretty quickly, and I can imagine the F-200 will go fast too.

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GMenu2X 0.9


GMenu2X (an alternative frontend for the GP2X) has just been updated to version 0.9 – the main feature of GMenu2X is the ability to create direct links to games, emulators and applications without having to manually browse through the folders using the standard GP2X file browser.

» Get it here

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GP2X Gameboy Advance emulator

Finally there’s a playable Gameboy Advance emulator for the GP2X, and even at this early stage in its development, GPSP2X can already play many commercial games at full speed.

» GPSP2X wiki

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GP2X cradle released

GP2X cradle
Gamepark Holdings have finally released the cradle for the GP2X! The GP2X cradle allows the GP2X to sit upright on your desk and features 4 USB ports so you can connect any USB device (if you have the drivers) – including hard drives, joysticks, keyboards and mice. The GP2X cradle also includes an AV power jack (for the GP2X AC adaptor), stereo audio output and an S-Video output, which makes is all very useful if you use your GP2X with your television.

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