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GelaSkins iPod skins

These are some of the best looking iPod skins I’ve ever seen. GelaSkins are super thin (under 2mm) photo quality skins made from “premium grade 3M vinyl and adhesive technology” – and are available for most of the iPod and Mac laptop range. Very very sexy!

iPod Nano Video – it’s here!

iPod Nano Video

Apple have released the new iPod Nano Video. The new Video Nano has a two-inch display that’s 65% brighter than before, and is available in 4GB and 8GB. It also features a new drop down menu interface, and the same Cover Flow album display used in iTunes.

Control iTunes from your iPhone (or PPC)

Control iTunes from your iPhone

Smashcasi’s excellent RemoteAmp has changed it’s name to Signal, and now works with the iPhone as well as Pocket PC. Signal allows you control your desktop installation of iTunes from your iPhone or PPC, just like using a remote control. It works with iTunes on the Mac, and also with iTunes, Winamp, or Windows Media Player on a PC. I’ve installed the demo version of Signal on my iPAQ and it works really well, I’ve been using it all day and it looks like all the bugs from the older version of RemoteAmp seem to have been fixed – I’m going to buy it!

» Demo version and more info here.

Zen Stone Plus gets a screen

Zen Stone Plus

We loved the original Zen Stone from Creative – but now they’ve gone and made it better. The new Zen Stone Plus gets a cute little 64 x 64 pixel OLED display, an FM radio, voice recording using a built in microphone, and an increased 2GB storage capacity. Available in glossy red, blue, black, pink, white, and green.

iPod Nano 1.1.3 – what’s new?

iPod Nano 1.1.3
Apple have just released the latest 1.1.3 firmware for the iPod Nano – the changes are simply listed as “bug fixes”. My Nano Gen 2 still crashes occasionally after syncing podcasts, which isn’t a huge problem, but it is annoying. If anyone can shed some light on the other bug fixes in the 1.1.3 firmware update, please let us know.

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