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Turnigy micro movie camera

Turnigy micro movie camera

This is the movie camera that RC geeks have been waiting for. The Turnigy TR52DV records up to 80 minutes of 640×480 video at 30fps (great for YouTube), and uses a 200 maH lipo battery that charges via the included USB cable. Turnigy also throw in a protective silicon cover, a mounting plate, velcro pads, and a FREE 2GB SanDisk Micro SD Card.

It’s small enough to attach to your RC plane, RC car, RC glider, kite, car, helium balloons, motorbike, mountain bike, helmet, hang glider, baby, dog, cat, etc….

*Now includes a faster SanDisk SD card for smoother video recording*

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Flying F*CK RC helicopter

Flying F*CK helicopter

It may not be the most aerodynamic helicopter on the planet, but it’s probably the most eye catching. The Flying F*CK helicopter has two channel control, and counter-rotating blades giving it incredible hovering and stability – even if you’ve never flown an RC helicopter before.

Available at ThinkGeek.

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Tomy Q-Steer – micro RC is back!

Tomy Q-Steer

I’ve always been a huge fan of Tomy Bit Char-G micro RC cars, so when I saw the new Takara Q-Steer (aka Tomy) micro cars I knew it would be the start of a new spending spree. Q-Steer cars are perfect for racing around your coffee table, or for smuggling into your office, and they come in lots of different designs – you can get everything from a Corvette to an Initial-D AE86.

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Micro-T goes LiPo

Micro-T LiPo

The world cutest micro RC car has just got a LiPo battery upgrade. Losi have released a 180mAh lithium battery for the Micro-T, featuring special internal circuit protection to prevent over charge and over discharge. The Micro-T lithium battery provides more power, and also gives much longer runtimes.

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Micro RC Silverlit X-Twin Jet

Silverlit X-Twin Jet

Silverlit (makers of the superb PiccoZ) have just released another great micro RC ‘toy’ – the X-Twin Jet. It has 2 ‘hidden’ pusher props in the wings, and uses the same charger/controller system as the PiccoZ. The most surprising thing abou the X-Twin Jet is that is can be flown outside, even in a light breeze.

» $29.90 from Play-Asia

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