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Sega’s robotic Dream Chick

Sega Dream Chick

You haven’t seen cute until you’ve held one of these tiny robotic chicks from Sega. The ‘Dream Chick’ responds to touch – pat it’s head or back and the chick will chirp, or pick it up and will flap it’s little wings. The Dream Chick is an absolutely adorable little friend for kids, or for anyone who just loves ultra cute things.

They’re mostly sold out all around the world, but Play-Asia has them for $12.90 on back order from Japan.

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Super Mario Bros solar mushroom

Super Mario Bros solar mushroom
We’ve found yet another solar powered gadget to brighten up your desk – this time it’s a solar powered Super Mario Bros mushroom that bounces around when the sunlight hits it. Maybe not as relaxing as the solar powered Hello Kitty, but probably a bit more fun. Available now (limited stock) at Play-Asia.

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