RetroLink NES USB controller – reproduction NES controller

RetroLink NES USB controller

I have an original NES and a few controllers for it, but I rarely bother setting it up… so I use an emulator running on my old EeePC connected to the TV. In the past, I’ve used a PS3 controller to play emulators, which is good enough for SNES/SEGA games – but for NES, it just isn’t the same without the NES controller and those two horizontal A/B buttons.
The RetroLink NES controller plugs into a USB port (on Mac or PC), and is plug and play. It works perfectly on my EeePC running XP, and also on my Windows 7 desktop machine – and more importantly, it feels like THE REAL THING. Other than feeling “new”, there really isn’t any difference between the RetroLink and an original NES controller in terms of how it feels. The dimensions are right, the feel of the buttons is right. Overall, I’m very impressed with the RetroLink NES controller, the price was good, it has a 6 foot cable, and I can’t think of anyway it could be improved. RetroLink have done it right.

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