RetroLink NES USB controller – reproduction NES controller

RetroLink NES USB controller

I have an original NES and a few controllers for it, but I rarely bother setting it up… so I use an emulator running on my old EeePC connected to the TV. In the past, I’ve used a PS3 controller to play emulators, which is good enough for SNES/SEGA games – but for NES, it just isn’t the same without the NES controller and those two horizontal A/B buttons.
The RetroLink NES controller plugs into a USB port (on Mac or PC), and is plug and play. It works perfectly on my EeePC running XP, and also on my Windows 7 desktop machine – and more importantly, it feels like THE REAL THING. Other than feeling “new”, there really isn’t any difference between the RetroLink and an original NES controller in terms of how it feels. The dimensions are right, the feel of the buttons is right. Overall, I’m very impressed with the RetroLink NES controller, the price was good, it has a 6 foot cable, and I can’t think of anyway it could be improved. RetroLink have done it right.

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Aldi Expressi coffee machine

Aldi Expressi

If you’re looking for an incredibly inexpensive alternative to a Nespresso machine, then this is it. Aldi Australia have released an excellent pod/capsule based machine called the Aldi Expressi, it is based on the European K-Fee branded machines, and for $79 (AUD) it’s a total bargain.

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i-gotU GPS logger

i-gotU GPS logger

The i-gotU range of GPS loggers are super tiny, water resistant, have a large capacity battery, and can hold a huge amount of data – which means they’re ideal for logging just about anything that moves. So far we’ve tested our i-gotU on RC planes, mountain bikes, cars, dogs and horses. It’s a LOT of fun. We put one on our Jack Russell terrier, and was amazed at the distance he covers in a day (most of it in big meandering circles!). You can even view the data in Google Earth, or use it to geo tag your photos.

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Turnigy micro movie camera

Turnigy micro movie camera

This is the movie camera that RC geeks have been waiting for. The Turnigy TR52DV records up to 80 minutes of 640×480 video at 30fps (great for YouTube), and uses a 200 maH lipo battery that charges via the included USB cable. Turnigy also throw in a protective silicon cover, a mounting plate, velcro pads, and a FREE 2GB SanDisk Micro SD Card.

It’s small enough to attach to your RC plane, RC car, RC glider, kite, car, helium balloons, motorbike, mountain bike, helmet, hang glider, baby, dog, cat, etc….

*Now includes a faster SanDisk SD card for smoother video recording*

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$4.90 LED clock + themometer, free shipping

Although it doesn’t do anything particularly spectacular, this is a very very inexpensive alarm clock with big, easy to read numbers, and is perfect for a bedside table or on your desk. It has a clock, alarm, digital thermometer (in C or F), and day and date. It’s currently $4.90 from DX, with free worldwide shipping.

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